Friday, January 25, 2013

Tiny Impressions of Windows 8

Since Microsoft gave me a really good deal on the upgrade, I’ve been running Windows 8 since late 2012. For the most part, it feels like Windows 7 without the Start Button UI element and the lack of gadgets. Other than playing with Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 and Disney’s Where’s My ???? games (free with the Windows 8 upgrade), I haven’t really touched the Windows RT side of things much. As far as I’m concerned, WinRT is really for touch and the apps are merely available to desk top users. Is this better than Apple’s approach of separating the two worlds with iOS and OS-X? Only time will tell.

I really wish Microsoft was better at helping us transaction into new design concepts. It is true that I can do everything I did in Windows 7 in 8. The bridges between the old and the new are too small and hard to find. This is really similar to when Microsoft imposed the ribbon on us in Office 2007; I know some people who are still ranting about the bloody ribbon 5 years later. The Start Screen doesn’t really bother me, it kinda reminds me of Program Manager of the old days of Windows 3; I can adjust. I just hope I’m not hearing this “Where’s my Start Button” stuff 5 years from now.

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