Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Nokia 900

Recently I traded my iPhone 3G for a Nokia 900. The Nokia is nicer than the Apple, but I don't think that is a fair comparison; lots have happened in the last 3 years. There are some things that the Nokia does better than the iPhone ( I love the hardware button for the camera), and things I miss about the old phone (hardware mute button, combined email).

I've had this thing for a week and I'm already making apps. There are three of my creations on there right now! They are all really lame; they will make me laugh in a couple of months -- that's a start.

I like the iPhone, I like the apps, but it locked me into the apps that already exist (yes, I could a Mac and write apps in Objective-C; I have a job and other commitments). As a developer in the Microsoft space, the Windows Phone puts me into the "What can I get this thing to do" space. With the iPhone, it's "Where can I find an app to".

I am interested in building apps it get a feel of how they work than make my first million selling Winphone apps. I want to get a better feel for the mobile metaphors. If Winphone crashes and burns, I can transfer these skills to Droid, iOS or whatever comes next. Developing for Winphone allows me to concentrate on the smaller device and not deal with Java or Objective-C until after I get the new platform.

I think it is important to learn the new stuff. Whether its iPad, Windows 8, some Android based Tablet or something I don't yet know about, the tech world is changing and I need to understand it.