Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am a Social Media Introvert

This weekend I listened to Hanselminutes #406, Discourse and The Art of Discussion with Jeff Atwood. Well, anyway, Jeff and Scott talked about what social network ninja they were. How their online families are closer than their “real” families.

Since I have taken up Improv, I am less shy than I was before. I’ve learned to act extroverted, I can socialize with non-geeks, I can do scary things like speak in front of people. Blah, blah, blah.

However, I haven’t learned how to be social ON LINE. I have < 50 Facebook friends, most of them either family or from the Spokane Improv community. I haven’t tweeted for over a year, perhaps I will tweet a link to this post. I haven’t written to this blog in half a year. (I did work as a vendor at Microsoft on a secret project, so I was scared to write about tech, but the Siena beta has been out for a month, so why haven’t I written about what’s in the beta?)

So, what is the social media equivalent to improv? Is there something that I can do to get out of my social media like improv got me out of my real life shell? Some great blogger, I can’t remember who, said that you should go forth and write your blog about whatever is on your mind, so I will go forth and blog about not blogging, and here it is.