Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Not Writting

For the past month I have struggled to finish what I've started. I think too much about what I'm trying to say and nothing comes out. Or my inner critic edits it before I can finish the bloody sentence. It can always be better.

It once was better: I start thinking about something, say on the way home from work, walking through Riverfront Park (doing laundry, driving to nowhere, etc). Regardless of what I was doing, it was brilliant. The kind of thing that changes the world. Everyone would recognize ME as the guru of whatever. So on and you know the rest… Then I get home, open up Word and… The phrases that sounded good in my head look terrible on the screen (if I can even remember them).

As the Improv Gods would say, I am in my head. I am thinking too much about things that are not important, at least not in the present moment. If I can get the words down, I can fix the style later. If I can't get the words down in the first place I have nothing. Ok, Mr. Critic it ain't perfect but it's on virtual paper.

Ok, I let Mr. Critic silence me. The only way I can grow is to put myself out there and risk being the fool. I can’t succeed if I don’t risk failure. This post, like the others, is a disappointment. It had so much promise when I was thinking it over in my mind. .. It may not meet my impossible, I'll post it anyway.

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