Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying to get socially modern

What I'm doing, part 1.5

Besides Stack Overflow, I've been trying to actually write the blog and use twitter.  I'm actually writing to this blog (sort of) and I have created over 15 updates in twitter as jrcs3.  I'm following almost 10 people and have more than 2 people following me. So far I've taken a lot more than I've given.

I developed tunnel vision over the past few years. Get the code out and get on with my life. I work mainly in C# 2.0 in both ASP.NET and WinForms (no WPF yet). I also have a client that needs me to work in Access 97 and a SQL 200 ..... enough all ready

Anyway, with the ecomomy really freaking out, I need to look outside of my formally safe world of oldtime geekdom and look out to the wider world. I can go on about the scary stoff, but I am also intereted in the new opportunities that the ecomonic stress can create.

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