Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Waiting ...

I hate to wait!  I hate uncertainty!  I hate being chained to the phone.

Yesterday I got a phone call from one of the headhunters that I have been working with telling me that I was on a list of three coders for a job in Des Moines.  The department wanted all three but Management had only approved two.  I was not told my position on the list.

This morning I received a couple of phone calls from a couple of headhunters on this same requirement.  I was asked about my commitment to going to Iowa to do the work and ability to get there quickly.  I was also told to be available for the whole day.  I feel like a caged animal pacing around in my apartment all day.  And I didn’t get the bloody phone call.

Right now I still don’t know how the whole thing played out.  Was I #3 and they would only take 2?  Are they going to wait until both 1 and 2 accepted to tell me I am the odd man out?  Did the client resent being pressured by the headhunters?  Will I find out tomorrow that everything’s groovy?

Normally I hate cell phones: I like the idea of being out of touch.  This is a time where it would come in handy.  The problem with cell phones is that you have to buy in to the whole thing.  I can’t just get a cell phone for a day or two and not drink the cell phone cool-aid.  If I give someone my cell phone number, they would expect to be able to use it any time.

I guess I could get a cell phone and have my land line forward it when I want to play that game, but I really can’t justify the expense being a free agent programmer who hasn’t paid off the dot com bust yet.  I will put up with the dark side of not having a cell phone to avoid the dark side of having one.

Now I have to get ready for an early phone interview with a company in Cleveland.

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