Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas time is here!

Christmas time is here, and it’s time to for us to go out and max out our credit cards.  As a free agent programmer, I’m really concerned about my budget.  Every time I see an ad suggesting that a 72” high-def plasma TV would be the “perfect gift” for the caretaker of my building, I am reminded of the fact that I don’t have much $$$, and I won’t have much $$$ until I can find my next gig.

It seams to me that Christmas was all about guilting me into buying stuff that no one needs for all my casual relations.  The whole retail economy is based on our buying ridiculous gift for our family, friends, co-workers, enemies, etc.

I see ads on the tube that suggest things like big ass TV’s, monster computers, luxury cars, etc.  I’m surprised that I haven’t seen ads for real estate (wouldn’t you love to get a Des Moines bungalow this year).

I know some people who give as a competitive sport (and I can’t figure out how to become the target of their giving).  I knew two guys who were life long friends and they would try to give the other person the better gift; that is a contest I could enjoy loosing.

I refuse to take Christmas gifting seriously.  I do give everyone in my family something for Christmas (I even wrap up junk for my ma, she likes to open presents); I just don’t go overboard.  If I were ever in a position to be generous, I would give for other occasions.  I think this holiday overload corrupts the whole idea of the holiday.

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