Monday, July 23, 2018

AngularJS vs Angular: The Introduction

As I try to maintain my status as a “Full Stack Developer” I have been looking at Angular and AngularJS. So, what gives? Angular is an open source web application platform that Google released in 2016 to replace AngularJS (then called Angular). AngularJS is Google’s original Angular, released in 2010. Angular and AngularJS are completely different.

In this experiment I wrote a simple list/detail site in both AngularJS (in JavaScript ES5) and Angular (in TypeScript). I created a simple REST endpoint with JSON-Server.



I took a project I wrote a coupe of years ago and simplified it and then refactored it to match the files structure of the Angular app (foo.ts became foo.js).


I created the app, the components and services using the Angular CLI (version 6). I put all of the REST calls in a “services” to match the architecture I used in the AngularJS app; most of the samples I found online called the http methods directly from the components.

The App

The Task List is the “Hello World” of databinding, so I went with this. I dropped the “People” table so we only have 1 table: “Todos”. Both apps do the same thing using the same structure as far as I could push it.

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