Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Take Improv after you move

At the beginning of June I moved from Spokane to Bellevue to work at Microsoft. I signed up for improv class with Unexpected Productions even before I left Spokane. This was a brilliant move! The quarter ended last night, which makes me sad. I have already signed up for the 200 level class that starts in September.

Since then I have gone to the Matador (a Mexican themed bar in downtown Redmond) after a couple of my classes, to a couple of shows with some classmates, found a Toastmasters club (again with a couple of classmates who already belong).

Pre-improv Jack would still be hanging out alone in his apartment two months out after moving to a new city. My previous improv experience has given me some better social skills than I had before; improv class creates openness in the students.

If I ever move again I will look for improv classes in my new community. I will start at the beginning (even if I become a player at UP) and move up with my class. My objective isn’t necessarily to become a great improviser, but to have the opportunity to play and become more skilled at dealing with people (as opposed to technology).

I know that both readers of this blog are probably saying “enough of this improv stuff already!” This stuff has worked for me and I am excited about the results. I don’t know that pre-improv would have gotten this job. It has given me the courage to get up in front of people in non-improv situations; I have spoken at a half dozen code camps and I am working the Toastmasters program.

Even if I’m a really bad improviser, it’s worth it.

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