Thursday, December 27, 2012

Windows 7 Activation Heck

A long time ago, I noticed that my hard drive was behaving suicidal. so I bought a new one, copied the old one with Ghost and installed the new one. Everything ran fine for awhile (I wasn’t getting updated from Microsoft, but I wasn’t paying attention), so everything was bliss as I continued to use my computer.

Then, behold, I was informed by Windows Activation Technologies that my Windows wasn’t “Genuine”. I figured that my windows license was destroyed with my HD, so I clicked “Resolve online now” and ended up buying a “Get Genuine Online Kit” online. Microsoft gave me a new Product Key on the spot. I entered it and I still got the message. A week later, the software came in the mail; I tried and failed to upgrade couple of times and it failed each time telling me that my computer isn’t compatible with Windows 7.

A couple of days ago I downloaded MGADiag.exe and when I run it, it tells me that my Windows is “Genuine”:



Someone on suggested that I reinstall my Intel Rapid Storage Tech driver and so far so good. Windows Update even works.

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Unknown said...

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