Monday, May 02, 2011

Thoughts before Alt .NET Seattle: Part II: Using

I am going to Alt.Net 2011 Seattle Conference next weekend. Since I am not on the bleeding edge of technology at work, I’m looking into modern methods and technologies.

Using my domain

Several years ago, I bought the domain; it the initials for my legal name John Robert Chilton Stephens III.

Since I will be hanging out with the cool kid and in technology, all the cool kids have vanity domain, I need to make sure that my domain is visible on my cards, etc. So this weekend I:

  • Moved this blog from to (it is “brochure” because someone said that it isn’t a blog until it gets comments).
  • Created a event email address for the Alt.Net Seattle 2011. You will have to attend the event to see what it is.

When I get my next paycheck (Monday or Tuesday) I will:
  • Buy a year of hosting for
  • Write a simple home page for it in Razor (linking to I have already created a WebMatrix project.
  • Print out a couple of sheets of business cards to hand out.

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