Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Seahawks and the Playoffs

If the Seattle Seahawks win their football game against the Rams early next year, a team with a losing record will make the NFL playoffs!

If I were the King of Football (or any other sport), I’d make a rule that a team would have to win at least as many games as they lose to make the playoffs.

If a division winner had a losing record, that playoff position would go to an additional wild card team. The New York Giants and Tampa Bay (both have 9-6 records and would lose tie breakers to Green Bay) may be home watching the Seahawks. Under my scheme New Orleans could host a game.

In College Football, a team must have an even record to qualify for a bowl game. There was a big deal around here about the Washington Huskies having to win the Apple Cup in Pullman to get to 6-6 to qualify for a bowl.

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Jack Stephens said...

And the Seahawks win and make the playoffs. The End Times must not be that far away!