Friday, August 27, 2010

Quickly change Themes in Visual Studio 2008

I like dark backgrounds when I code; my co-workers don’t. I want to be able to change the screen back and forth from Darkness and Light. So I created a couple of toolbar buttons to switch themes (don’t use the tool until I say you can do so).

  1. I save my current theme (Tools => Import and Export Settings… => Export … => Next => Next => "C:\VS_Themes\Darkness.vssettings" => Finish).
  2. Create a standard theme (Tools => Import and Export Settings… => Reset all Settings).
  3. Save the standard theme (same steps as 1 but call it "C:\VS_Themes\Default.vssettings")
  4. Open Macros IDE (((Alt+F11) || (Tools => Macros => Macros IDE …))
  5. Create a module (Right Click on MyMacros => Add => Add Module => Name it "LoadThemes")
  6. Type the following VB.NET code into the module:
  7. Public Module LoadThemes 
        Public Sub SetThemeToDarkness()
        End Sub<
        Public Sub SetThemeToDefault()
        End Sub<
        Private Sub LoadThemeByFilename(ByVal fileName As String)
            DTE.ExecuteCommand("Tools.ImportandExportSettings", "/import:""" &
                fileName & """")
        End Sub
    End Module
  8. And I hooked them to buttons on my tookbar (Tools => Customize => New… "Theme" => Commands => Select Macros => Drag your macros onto the new Toolbar).
  9. Resave the Darkness Theme (The toolbar is part of the theme, otherwise when you use the tool bar to switch themes, you will lose the toolbar)
  10. Do the same thing for the Default Theme.

Now you are set.

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