Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Gu Rickrolled no one

You may have heard about Scott Guthrie’s Rick Astley related stunt at the PDC in Los Angeles last week. I don’t think it qualifies as a rickroll. As a developer who uses Microsoft technologies, I have sworn to The Gu’s super-duper deluxe uber-geekiness.

IMO, to qualify as a rickroll, you must willfully click on a link expecting something juicy and end up on suffering through “Never Gonna Give You Up”. You make a bad decision that makes you worthy of such punishment.

If you clicked on a link for Paris Hilton’s latest video (wink, wink) and instead got Rick, you have been rickrolled! If you clicked on a link marked Rick Astley’s famous video, you haven’t been rickrolled, you are getting what you expected.

At the PDC, The Gu’s victims didn’t have the free will not to click the link or take the red pill. In this situation, The Gu launched the video.

If one of The Gu’s minions changed out the “real” video with Rick Astley without his knowledge, then he is the only rickrollee.

It could be argued that the attending a Scott Guthrie presentation is bad decision that qualifies one to be worthy of being rickrolled.

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